Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The last leg...

As its nearly been a year since we went back to the Uk, I thought I would share the last leg of the journey.What joy I've had looking back.

The drive from Bolton had us re-explore a trip to Bath, a beautiful place known for its Roman bath house.Just super to walk where Romans once walked on these ancient stone pavements around the steaming pool.Money well spent there. http://www.romanbaths.co.uk/
I love this shot of the Gorgons head.Suchs superb craftmanship and to think its still here since the AD, just amazing.
This amazing building to the left is the Abbey.A beautiful sight with a grand fudge shop across the road( 25 flavours and yes came away with only 5)
Such beautiful scenery and so worth revisiting.Had it really been 17 years since my last visit !
Then onto Stonehenge of course.One of the worlds most intriguing and mysterious sites that had us all discussing our own ideas of its purpose.Facinating to think that its as old as the pyramids, and still we
look on hoping it will reveal its secrets.Quite an energy surrounds this place and interesting to hear my childrens thoughts about it all.None wanted to leave.
So then back to Romford for a family 4oth, an evening at South End for the rides and periwinkles and pop to Chelmsford for a catchup with Great nan Potter, who has since passed. 85 years young
She would have said 'Ive had a good life duck' but we are so pleased you got to see your great grandies.
Here's to you nan ,CHEERS !

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's been forever.......

It seems like forever since we've chatted and where has the time flown to ???
Thought I would share a pic of me, age 6, that was front page of The Newcastle Morning Herald, 1976.
My darling father came home with that paper declaring that 'he was sure he knew that girl in the picture'.
Gotta luv him.xxx
Checkout my wicked cool Easter Bonnet with my handmade carnations made from tissues. A wonderful idea shown to me by my grandmother who has since passed.I would spend hours colouring tissues with textas and suspend them over water using sticks,watching the colours bleed and mingle.
It's been forever since Ive created anything worth sharing, so this offering is a mystery muse gift I made for a great gal I so admire,Elaine.
Gotta love those dunny roll holders from 7 gypsies ( thanks Crozza )
So yes been doing a little dabbling here and there but nothing finished as yet.SHOCK, HORROR that I'm actually SEWING ( thanks Jane ) but will share my exploits another time.I think miss muse has arrived home,phew, I was beginning to worry......