Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I feel JOY when.......

I receive art created for this months Mystery Muse swap from LUCY .
I love my ODD girl and thrilled to call her mine !I feel joy when I create whilst visiting with AWSOME friends.
To then send my little wild women to live with NESS I feel joy when I receive another fabric book and create a page for wonderful gals that inspire me greatly. Women like PATTI that inspire, encourage and say the most wonderful things to me.It does fill me with JOY !
My simple BLACK BIRD, just for you dear Patti.
I feel joy !
What makes YOU feel joy ???

Friday, September 05, 2008


My darling cherubs amuse me greatly and each are very different with their spirit and personality with baby number three taking this...with my phone.A lovely surprise ! Baby number two has been handling it so well, without complain while she deals with this...

and baby no 1 is setting the pathway, leaning the ropes along with us and has a better grip on reality than most

Your all stars in my life and a huge inspiration .
Does it make sence when I saythat you make me feel old, but keep me young ?