Sunday, August 31, 2008


This is the shinniest of SUPER STAR's in my life ,CLARE MILLS, who has been heavily involved with and one of the driving forces behind the ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY in Southern River, Western Australia.It's been about 11 years and more since she became involved and has had many roles, head dog carer, committe president, personnal manager, just a few of the official jobs. Not to mention all the social work that is required. The hours listening to the life stories of people and animals that pass through the gates and the after hours running around. Its truly a job she loves and adores but never needs 'thankyou' for all her hard work. At 63 years of age she is my hero and many look upon her with adoring eyes. I loves you CLARE BEAR and you are the best mum in the world !

So thought I would add a few pics taken while my good friend Julie patiently captured her new love in her life HARVEY. These kitty cats looked so comfortable as they had found a place to snooze the days away, but nothing would compare to home to call their own.


Please consider going to the ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY website and making a donation or sponser a cat or dog. Its such a fantastic cause that helps with a huge problem for communities with stray and unsterilised animals.

Life hasnt always been this grand for most of these furry faces

Some have spent way too long at the refuge as younger cats are chosen for new homes APS has a NO KILL POLICY

Food and medical expences are covered by fundraising as this is a non government funded project.

These animals are cared for by volunteers, 7 days a week.

Alls of this happens through the huge hearts and much love of these wonderful people
that do it to see this... a happy face

So give it some thought to support the ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY in Southern River, PERTH, Western Australia. These T-shirts are available and help to raise awareness as well as help raise funds, so please, go take a peek at the website, and SUPPORT.

The CATS and DOGS thankyou !

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

and then.....

Well my latest page for dear Martha, a member of the FABRIC GIRLZ, is finished and in the post to Magda in Germany. Martha's wonderful book had a theme of a secret garden with a wonderful gate that opened into the book on the front page,with a brick wall the other side for us all to use as a graffitti wall to sign-in , really FUN !

I painted felt with metalic paint and sewed images that I had stamped into air dry clay and rubbed with coloured rub and buff. Turned it all into a big pocket with treasure hidden inside.
So inspiring to work with earths grand colour scheme,the greens, golds and brown have a calming feel about them I think...
Added tags to encourage viewers to touch and look...
Really enjoyed this book so hope Martha will like it.
Now this little fella is only very small but gave me so much joy to create while visiting with a lovely friend. He stand just 1.5 inches tall, a shrine by COFFEE BREAK DESIGNS that ARTISTIC JOURNEY sell in their online shop. Love these little shrines that come in many different shapes and sizes and can be turned into a necklace or tiny earings.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bit of this and that...

Thought I would share some things that have evolved over the last few months, things that have been works in progress for quite a while. These blue ladies are sisters, twins I say but not identical.They are finished (picture is pre-embellished) and now reside in the homes of two great gals that are lovely, wonderful, caring friends to me.

Thought I would share my latest fabric book page for Jo, a heart pocket that holds a secret.Once again I could have added so much more to each one as the ideas keep evolving and have a time frame that my brain isnt set to. Gotta stop overthinking my plan and be a girl of action to get it all how I want it to look in my head ! Each round I learn something new which is brilliant.This page taught me that I know nothing about tention while free motion stitching on my machine HA !!! Still have a romantic thing happening ,working in pinks and purples, but hey, thats the way it goes....

Had a lovely gift arrive from the ever loving, ever giving Dotee which was so awsome from the moment I laid eyes on the parcel. Dotee had decorated the package with little dotee doll stickers and spoilt me rotten with delightful dolls (miss Amelia was a favourite and thrilled she is mine) stickers, beautiful fabric and the most wonderful Dotee dolls for my two girls to create for themselves.A super inspiring gift and makes it so worth getting my gall bladder removed to be spoilt like this, so I thankyou dear Dot for caring about me. Hug you Dotee xxx

and this polymer clay will be heading to its new home very soon.
Love this stuff and so much fun...