Sunday, August 31, 2008


This is the shinniest of SUPER STAR's in my life ,CLARE MILLS, who has been heavily involved with and one of the driving forces behind the ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY in Southern River, Western Australia.It's been about 11 years and more since she became involved and has had many roles, head dog carer, committe president, personnal manager, just a few of the official jobs. Not to mention all the social work that is required. The hours listening to the life stories of people and animals that pass through the gates and the after hours running around. Its truly a job she loves and adores but never needs 'thankyou' for all her hard work. At 63 years of age she is my hero and many look upon her with adoring eyes. I loves you CLARE BEAR and you are the best mum in the world !

So thought I would add a few pics taken while my good friend Julie patiently captured her new love in her life HARVEY. These kitty cats looked so comfortable as they had found a place to snooze the days away, but nothing would compare to home to call their own.


Please consider going to the ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY website and making a donation or sponser a cat or dog. Its such a fantastic cause that helps with a huge problem for communities with stray and unsterilised animals.

Life hasnt always been this grand for most of these furry faces

Some have spent way too long at the refuge as younger cats are chosen for new homes APS has a NO KILL POLICY

Food and medical expences are covered by fundraising as this is a non government funded project.

These animals are cared for by volunteers, 7 days a week.

Alls of this happens through the huge hearts and much love of these wonderful people
that do it to see this... a happy face

So give it some thought to support the ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY in Southern River, PERTH, Western Australia. These T-shirts are available and help to raise awareness as well as help raise funds, so please, go take a peek at the website, and SUPPORT.

The CATS and DOGS thankyou !


Julie H said...

Dawn I set off reading this post full of warm feelings as you spoke about your wonderful Mum - then I got drawn to the cats.
I often think about the sweet old dear at the top left (and know he/she is at risk of a trip south if she is present on my next visit) and the fluffy grey (so like Jo-jo who was a part of my teen-age years). I notice Yvonne is not on the APS adoption list anymore, do you happen to know if she was adopted?
Clare is a power house and persists with the loud and large dogs - I so admire her.

Sam Marshall said...

Your Mum is a SUPERSTAR!!!! Good luck with the adoption of these furry friends.X

Dot said...

Your mum is a beautiful, and loving woman! I can see the kindness in her eyes. And what a special thing she is doing.

I want to adopt every single kittie in these pics!

Love you missy moo xoxo

Poppy said...

The furry ones are so lucky to have your mum be so kind and caring to them. I wish I lived closer I would take the black fluffy one with the white chest fluff home with me.

Jill in Florida

Jacky said...

Wonderful post Dawnie. Love your mum and all of the cats (would love to bring them all home).
I have my little Tinkatink whom was from a litter that my girlfriend saved. Everyone said dont have two female cats (as I already had Phoebe who is 2yo), but they get on super.
Good luck with your sponsorship of older cats too...such a worthy cause.