Friday, June 06, 2008

Felting for FABRIC GIRLZ

It's been way too long since I updated and shared my latest adventures. Between work, family and doing the mum's taxi thing I really dont know where the time goes. Wish I was writing Ive been too busy socialising, shopping and REALLY ENJOYING MYSELF. Ok, well there has been a little of that creeping in between the other stuff . It certainly hasnt been all bad.
So thought I would share a few pics of my fabric book page for the super sweet gal JACKY,
who chose the fabulous arch shape for her book. Used my super CLOVER hand felter to attach some silk fibre but learnt that time frames and over thinking do not go hand in hand, as there was a few things I wanted to do before calling this finished.
With every round I'm hoping to learn something new and hope to create with a new technique .This Fabric Girlz group is just the best push Ive had to join the fabric world.

I'm still to learn the mastery of hand sewing, but there is hope for me yet !