Monday, January 29, 2007

My dad's 15 minutes of fame

Just had to tell that my darling dad will be on the TV programme ,Totally Wild, channel 10, Friday, 2nd of Feb at 4pm (Western Australian time).Michael Mills, you star !They are doing a story on the new Maritime Museum in Fremantle,where my father works.He organises the guided tours through the submarine,HMAS Ovens.He is thrilled and very proud,as we all are of him.Congrats dad,good for you !
Lets just hope its not just the back of your head that makes it onscreen .LOL

As I was typing this there was a knock at my front door and there was my dad.A little paper bag in his hand, 'I bought this for you' he says to me.Inside was a little bottle with a sailing ship in it's belly, the tall ship SS Leeuwin 2 to be exact.A beautiful memento from a days sailing that we all did on the last day of 2006.A gift to us all from mum and dad. It was a special day for everyone, and thank you to you both,we had a great day.

To dad,thank you, I love my little ship in a bottle.


Natalie B said...

How exciting for your dad Dawny! I'd love to say I can watch it, but as yet we have no tv reception :-(. He looks very proud in his office there.....the ss in a bottle is a fabulous gift too. What a sweetie for thinking of you. Big hugs Natxx

One Crabapple said...

Wow Congrat's to Dad !

And I love that little ship in a bottle too !

Dotee said...

Hi Dawnie

What a lovely post about your dear dad! He has a lovely , friendly face. Your love for him just shines through in your words.

Will def. set my video for Totally Wild this Friday (whooo hooo).

Love the little bottle he gave you too.

Much love to you frogga xoxox