Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A week in Paris

Bonjour fellow bloggers.

A bit of playtime for Wednesday Stamper the theme of course is PARIS.

Thought I would share the next part of my travels which was Paris.After finding our hotel and dumping our bags, with my hubbies persuasion,we then walked the streets( Oh no that thought did not cheer me) I was tired, hungry and very travel weary.
Thank goodness we did as we saw a park filled with families, enjoying the grass and the trees, the fresh air.The building were AMAZING.I dragged my heels just looking at doorways.We went down an alley and dinned in the loveliest restaurant.The food was wonderful and we entertained a local while we ate.He seemed to enjoy our first taste of french food as much as we did.

I truly did not know I had arrived till I stood in front of the Arc De Triomph.That feeling I had been waiting for settled over me and I knew I was in Paris.Yes we climbed the many many steps to the top (my goodness there are a lot) and the view is superb. Just on twilight we saw the day turn to night and the streets came to life.

How fantastic for the Eiffel Tower to sparkle like diamonds just for us.

My first night in Paris was all I had hoped it would be.
A booked tour saw us boarding a bus to give us a glimpse of the cities main sites.All three children managed to sleep through that.Money well spent.Then off to sail down the Seine.How magic to see many an artist sat sketching, painting ,drawing.
The buildings, OHHH, I was so loving the architecture.10 foot doorways with carved archway' s and windows.I soaked up as much as I could.

Then off to lunch at the Eiffel Tower.What can I say but AMAZING.Beautiful restaurant with an
amazing view.After sending my ma and pa a postcard from the post office on the 1st floor( it gets stamped EIFFEL TOWER, cool), we carried on up to the second floor.High enough for the brave man in my life so that is where we stayed and enjoyed the sites for the afternoon.

We used the trains and saw as much as we could.How special to catch the evening service at Notre Dame.The atmosphere was superb, the singing was moving.Such a special place that had us visiting another day.

The surrounding streets were quaint with fantastic restaurants.It was so hard to choose where to eat.We sampled french pasteries ( delightful) and had the most wonderful melt in your mouth croisants, so fluffy.We all still remember the taste of a fresh baquette that to top it with anything would have spoilt it.

Just delicious.

Oh and the Louvre, don't go on a Tuesday as its closed for cleaning.Well it just means we have something for next time.

Thanks so much for sharing a small part of the journey.



Hermine said...


bockel24 said...

your little diptych is amazing, and I´ve love to read your story; it made me laugh and rembember my own visits ...

Rein said...


Natalie B said...

Absolutely gorgeous Dawny. Both!! The Wed stamper entry and all the pics of Paris. Yum yum! LUcky you... a trip of a lifetime.


kelsey said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time in Paris Dawn, I'm sure that architecture had you salivating....would've been fantastic to see!!!

Julie H said...

Thank you so much for taking me to paris with you Dawnie. I felt your tiredness lift as you found the Paris of your dreams.

Manja said...

Wonderful slide - great art!

carmel said...

Oh Dawnie, le memories - I was in Paris for only one night when I was 13yrs old and at 40+++ I can remember it vividly! Paris never leaves your soul - hugs, Carmel xx
love the Wedstamper too!

Gail said...

Thank you so much for the trip to Paris, I loved all of the pictures and as you told what all you did you told it in such a way I felt like I was right there.

Jen Crossley said...

Oh Dawn
how beautiful your photos are of Paris it looked like a trip of a life time thanks for sharing

Jacky said...

Oh Dawn, like others your photos of Paris remind me of my trip last year. I had six days in Paris (not enough!!). As Carmel says... Paris stays in your soul.
The food, the architecture, the Parisian Chic... love how their little dogs are allowed anywhere??? And, you seem to be allowed to park anywhere???
Like you I missed out on the Louvre but did take in some wonderful art nevertheless. We stayed in the first arondissment just around the corner from L'Opera. A beautiful old building architecturally and loved the gold and aqua (aged) look.
Cant wait to catch up in June!

deb said...

What wonderful pictures of Paris Dawn, I haven't been since I was 11, some 20 odd years ago and I remember not been impressed with the Eiffle Tower but Notre Dame now that did impress me, and the veiws from there were stunning.