Wednesday, May 23, 2007


In the last few weeks Ive been so spoilt by some wonderful talented girls, so thought I would share my treasures.
Natalie B sent me this rather scrummy post it holder all the way from Tom Price.Isnt it just super.Thankyou 'seamstress' lol
Love this girlie and her art and sooo not fair that we dont get to play anymore. Miss you Nat, but so pleased you have settled in your new home.
Now this ATC is from my gal pal SHIRLEY who Im so looking forward to spending some time with next week at Stamp Camp.
Woo Hoo, bring it on !
I just love this image and the background colour .
Thanks Shirl for the pressie.I feel so so spoilt

These next pieces are from the clever and talented Carmel who is doing a swap with me for this very arty ATC. This is alcohol ink on gloss card with the soot technique . Very special piece that inspires me, thankyou Carmel.

On the right ,also from Carmel, is just FANTASTIC .How shocked, thrilled, excited I was to receive this for a Mystery Muse swap we do on a yahoo group INKREDIBLY RT.

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT C, so thankyou for sharing your art with ,me.

The very lovely DEB from the UK sent me this wonderful tag book for a swap we are doing.Love the subtle colours and images and Deb did spoil me with a lovely bag of treasures as well.Dont we all just love treasure!.
Thankyou, it's just divine Deb.

Is'nt the ART / blogging world GRAND ! OH YEAH !!!


Judy said...

OMG your treasures are amazing, you lucky thing. I do love the tags, the one with the wings and the rusted raven - aaaaaaamazing.

Dotee said...

What an amazing range of art! Love everything you have received. The ATC from our mate Shirl is wonderful and the piece of art from Carmel is amazing.

Sounds like you received a beautiful parcel from Deb too :)

See you soon (very).

Dotee xoxo

Dotee said...

Forgot to mention Nat's post it book! Just beautiful...

Mary lin said...

I LOVE your work and your blog!! You will defintely be added to my favorites!!!

Gail said...

I'm just getting back, my girls went home tues. so I'm trying to catch up on blog reading. As always there is so much inspiration
on your site. Great ATCs, aren't you blessed ? I really enjoy all the castle pictures, sure would love to see one in person.

Ev said...

UPDATE girl!! how on earth am I supposed to keep up to date with your stuff LOL...and I have a puppy here growing fast and waiting for a cuddle from you...

Dot said...

I agree with Ev :) I miss seeing art on your blog my lovely. But realise you are busy.

Dotee xoxo

Sarah said...

Gorgeous gifts you have recieved.