Wednesday, March 05, 2008


It's certainly been a long time since I last visited my own blog. Ive had a bumpy start to 08 with removal of my wisdom's which left me with paresthesia from nerve damage ,NUMBNESS of my teeth,gums, lips and chin on my left side of my dial. Fingers crossed it heals but for now am thankful my speech is back to near normal, so time will tell, fingers crossed.
Got a shiny new toy, A SEWING MACHINE after Christmas, which has kept me entertained with a huge learning curve ahead ,as those close to me know, I'm fabric challenged !
Fantastic timing to be asked to join in with some wonderful gals to do a fabric book swap and these are my covers for my book. Who would have thought I would be take part in a group called FABRIC GIRLZ. See dreams can come TRUE !
Included some mini icicles brooches inside the book for the gals to keep. How else did I keep my mind occupied while sitting bedside at hospital while my middle gal had knee surgery. Cut bones held by screws and thigh to ankle plaster had a three day stay.A long recovery but gotta say she is a wonderful patient. Bet she never imagined mummy would be bathing her at her age !
The icicle doll's made from Belinda's pattern has kept me VERY entertained. I did her three for three swap and have so enjoyed this little pattern so much Ive been churning them out. I just make them out of calico, gel medium transfer an image or fabrico a stamped image and H2O or suncolour the body and decorate to my hearts content.

Been playing and learning photoshop CS3, which is GRAND ! So much better than FireFox, but that was a great starting block. I can spend hours tweaking this and that and thrilled there are so many free tutorials out there, not to mention the free fonts and brushes.
So I haven't been wasting time doing housework at all you'll be pleased to know. I do have more to share but must away to play counter strike with miss 15. It aids the healing so she tells me


Natalie B said...

You know I reckon your book is gorgeous and can't wait to see it in the flesh :-)

Ev said...

what a nice update. Been thinking about miss15 and wondering how she was going. The fabric book looks wonderful.

Jacky said...

Whoo-hoo Dawnie... you are back on the air!!! Great to see you blogging again AND your fabric book is just amazing.
You definately have a "thing" for fabric and that sewing machine has really started something!!!
Loving your fabric art.

Huge hug.... Jacky xox

kelsey said...

Glad to hear your pain is finally subsiding...but more late night "banners" for Miss
The book looks just wonderful and you'll be stitching up a storm for the whole family before you know it, just in time for winter trackpants & trackie tops!!! Yeah...right!!! ~guffaw~
The icicle dolls are just fabo Dawnie, happy to see you're beading skills have not abated since the little art-doll day at my place eons ago! lol

martha brown said...

Um, Dawnie? You are in NO WAY fabric challenged. Look at all the wonderful work you've done!
I can't wait to play in your book. I have lots of fun zetti treasures to add!!!!

Jen Crossley said...

HOORAH HOORAH!!! Dawnie is back I have so missed you glad your feelin a bit better the world just isnt the same with out my Dawnie.
Now WOW you have beed stitchn up a storm girl I LOVE your new stuff awesome love the colours those dolls are too die for girl
Missed you

Genevieve said...

Great stuff D! Love the colours and those icicle dolls are fantabulous!



Genevieve said...

Great stuff D! Love the colours and those icicle dolls are fantabulous!



Dot said...

So pleased to see you back Miss Dawnie!

I CANNOT wait to work in your amazing book. Your photo's have blown me away! I am so,so excited about this project.

How generous (and thoughtful) of you to make icicle dolls for all of us taking part (sweetheart).

I agree with Martha you are not fabric challenged in any way. Your book is awesome Miss D!! Love the zetti style - and I will have a lot of fun working in it.

Hope Miss 15 is healing well (and you too).

Love you MUCHO

Dotee xoxo

Dot said...

P.S Love the fancin edging you added to your photo's too. A very nice (and professional touch).

Dot said...

P.P.S I will love getting my Zetti stamps out for your book. Getting back into zetti has been on my ' to do' list for ages!

Christine Baier said...

I can't stop looking at these fabulous Icicle Dolls! So fantastic!!!

vivian said...

oh wow this looks stunning dawn! would love to see irl.

Poppy said...

I am also enjoying making the icicle dolls. Belinda's swap got me addicted. Thought you might like to see where one of yours from Belinda's swap ended up. Drop in and see her and her new friends at Plaidpepper.blogspot .com, She is making friends with doll's from Dot, Jacky and Belinda.

Jill in Florida