Monday, January 08, 2007

Late night playtime

Thought I would share my late night playtime with my Paper Artsy 'School Days plate no 1.The first(Boy no 2) is an ATC done with the Tim Holtz technique of smooshing alcohol inks onto gloss card.What a great bloke he is ! Ive then used crackle accents on the A after using H2O.The H2o was pulled into the cracks and looks cool.

Dont we all love the Collections stuff!I love the circles (amongst many other things from this company) Its one of my fav things I love to embellish with.This is my first play with Wednesday Stamper and this weeks challenge of Shapes/forms.

The card ART boy is done using my scrap bags
( a challenge I set for myself just using 1 or 2 of my scrap bags ) Ive given the boy a light wash with H2O.I then cut the acetate to look like smashed glass and stamped and highlighted the acetate with white stazon.The background was done using a lazer transperancy and transfering it to a copied picture using rubbing alcohol.

The red and yellow ATC is done using acrylic paint on acetate.I get 2 pieces of acetate,apply paint , press together and swipe or pull the acetate apart.I do several colour combo's in the one sitting.The trick is to get the right amont of paint to cover the acetate without making it to thick ( makes it to hard to stamp on ) Ive then stamped on Mica with white stazon. ( boy you have to have a VERY clean stamp to use this pad, or you dont get a crisp white )
Note to self: Clean stamps more often !


Natalie B said...

Wow such great COLOURS Dawn!! Love all of these and great that you could join Wed Stamper. Where did you get the black (with white) letter beads? I've seen white (with black), but have never seen the black before. big hugs Natxx

littledawnieno1 said...

Gee Natty your quick off the mark. hope Ive done the wed Stamp thing correctly as not sure what the static link is?Just reading up on it now.
cant remember where the word beads are from as they were floating in a scrap bag.If they are from Jans then I will grab you some, OK
thanks for the great comments.

D xxx

Hermine said...

I love the colors and layout very much.

Barbara said...


Julie H said...

These are just deluxe - I MUST have/NEED the white Staxon now. Ok, well I could try my Brilliance but that cracked glass effect on the second one is terrific.

All of these are gorgeous - and thank you for giving all the tips as well.

Ilka Wilczek said...

I really like all cards - greatful idea...and always the same rubberstamp...And your colours are so much beautiful.

Gisele said...

Lovely cards!

Loona said...

beautiful cards!

Dotee said...

Dawnie - these are gorgeous!! Your use of colors and technique is always so inspirational.
You have inspired me to do some more stamping. Going to play with some acrylic paint and acetate tonight after work (whooo hooo).

You are so talented my dear!!

bockel24 said...

thanks for sharing your techniques! Great cards really.

Jen Crossley said...

Dawnie Love these cards I love the colours of the bottom one especially .
I have a question is smooching a techincal term!!!!

Michelle said...

HI Dawn, love your atc's and the colours they look great, will have to get my white staz on out i ithink i gave up on it when i couldn get a nice crisp white, glad im not the only one

Nicole said...

Great work. Love the colors. With what have you made the colors?

DymphieM said...

love your cards!

kelsey said...

Great work as always Dawnie, you do so much with what seems like very few products....acetate & paint...who'da thunk it? lol

Jen C, "smooching" is what you do with your bloke...."smooshing" is what you do with your arty stuff....hahahahaha

littledawnieno1 said...

Fantastic all you great gals have left a comment.
really makes my day, so thanks HEAPS

As for the the definition of the smoosh versus the smooch, well ,both ROCK in my books!

D xxx