Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Best Friends

Well a lot of us have that special furry face in our lives and this is my guy.He is always there for me,offering nothing but love.Billy is an 8YO blue roan cocker who is my constant companion.I love my little guy so much, so wanted you to meet him.

My mum ,Clare Mills, helps run the (APS)Animal Protection Society in Southern River. WA.She is head dog carer,vice president and personnel manager and has dedicated the last 9 years to the cause.Both my parents volunteer so much of their time, but have made many changes to help this place run more smoothly.New kennels and catteries, improved living conditions for the animals,gained funding,increased members and awareness in our community.
The hours my mum spends there is tremendous.She asks nothing in return but instead gains much personal satisfaction in knowing she has saved a life (she scouts all the local pounds for those on death row)or finds a new home for the homeless.Ive heard it said that it would take 3 people to do her workload.To list all she does would be impossible.
She also works as assistant manager at my child's primary school canteen once a week.
She is my hero.I thank my lucky stars to have her in my life.

Please go have a look at the APS website,as any support would be fantastic.


Julie H said...

Oh Dawnie so lovely to see Billy - and what a sweetie he is. What a lvoely tribute to your Mum as well.

Blogger seems to be having issues as your text keeps disappearing on me - do you have a link to the APS?

Give Billy a scratch on the head - and your Mum a hug!

Julie H said...

Silly me - found the link! Wow! You learnt links and side bar links straight up - I'm impressed, or maybe humbled!

Dotee said...

Dawnie - I am SO excited that you have lept into the blogging world!!

So pleased to see a photo of dear Billy (I want to smooch him). And to read your tribute to your mum.

She sounds like an amazing person.

As soon as I saw the photo of her I was struck by her open, friendly face. You can tell she is a loving person. And I am so pleased she is doing what she is doing for the furbabies. I really admire her.

I agree with Julie, you are very clever to set up links so quickly!

Look forward to reading more of your blog. You are already on my list of favorites.

Much love to my frogga friend

Dotee xoxo

Natalie B said...

Hey D, great to see you here and so glad to see piccies of your family up. They all (inc Billy), look so happy!! Love to you Natxx

Jen Crossley said...

What a cutie is Billy he is adorable.
Your mum sounds like a amazing woman we are lucky to have people like her around in this world,It is no wonder she is your hero
Jen crozza