Thursday, January 04, 2007

Something to Share

Well Ive decided to have a crack and share my daily (maybe ?) adventures.Some will yawn,or nod in agreement.Some will vow never to visit me again.I think my attitude will be, put it out there, be brave and share.
Yes, this will be my stance.
How blessed I am for the frienships found through ART.Rubber stamping for me has opened up a very rewarding world, one filled with acceptance,creativity,sharing and much laughter.
Time for me is spent learning new things whether it be about people,new products,my likes and dislikes.I'm the happiest Ive been in years.
Have shared with you my latest playtime.PaperArtsy is one of my favourite stamp companies.
Hope you come again to see me soon
ME xxx


Jen Crossley said...

Dawnie its about time you joined the BLOG scene!!!
You are one talented cookie your work is amazing ,hey come to think of it so are you.
Your work always inspires me girlie

kelsey said...

Hey Miss Prawn, glad to see you've taken the big leap in'll be a treat to catch up with your wonderful art between the times when I see it in real life....LOVE your work!

Natalie B said...

Hey Dawnie, I found your blog by chance on Jen's blog!! Great to see you out there. Love what you've done with this stamp! See ya Natxx

littledawnieno1 said...

You gals are just the greatest.Each of you inspire me such alot,but guess the best part is, how you share your knowledge and friendship with me.

Guess that makes me talented by association . LOL

Thanks for the support

Dawn xxx

Julie H said...

Oh Dawn you are talented all by yourself! Love what yo have done with this. Is that some mica on the bottom? Yumm!

So glad I am going to be able so see all you create!


Dotee said...

Dawnie, you are such a talented woman. And so generous of spirit too. Am so glad that art has opened up your life in so many ways.

I know you enrich others with your beautiful spirit, and willingness to share.

Miss talented and very special Dawnie!!!

I love this piece. And as usual your use of color just blows me away!!

Anonymous said...

Dawnie i Have read your Blog and I am well impressed. Surely you have a loveing and understanding husband that is also always there for you and might even help out on the odd technical computer stuff perhaps he could get a mention. From an admirer