Friday, January 19, 2007

Spoilt Girl

My very good friend Jane P and I finally caught up last week as this is my wonderful bag of goodies Jane gave me.
I'm feeling very spoilt.This art doll Jane made ( and secretly I wanted her for myself ) Super beading work.Thank you Jane, you do spoil me.

Super gal pal Sal G gave me this terrific note holder on HER birthday.Its done using friendly plastic, but this photo doesn't do it justice at all.Its quite sparkly with lots of metallic colours.I love this stamp, and Sals touch is just super.Thankyou you Yllas.
Checkout Sals blog for more samples of the friendly plastic.

Well The last few days Ive been doing a wide variety of stuff from cleaning/sorting to creating.Ive done cards, ATC's, canvas boards,brooches.I'm having a ball.This pin Ive done for a sample for Paperartsy.Its the Strange Little girls stamp, so thought the mix of metal bits suited them.Bit of a JC flavour to this one.Love your stuff crozza.

Now this card was made for my special aunty Carol ( well she is my cousin, but I call her aunty ) She hasn't been feeling very well lately and through a doctors checkup found out she had had a stroke.Test will reveal to what extent its affected her, but basically she hasn't been feeling to flash.So to cheer her my mum dug out this picture of AC as a child and hopefully it will cheer her up.It will be interesting to see if she recognises herself !

I,m so lucky to have wonderful sharing people around me.The giving of a handmade gift is very special.How touched I was at my stampclub last Friday night,when a good bud Tania B gave me a tin of handmade brush soap for my paintbrushes.You couldn't buy a finer product as the way she had packaged it in a silver metal screw top tin, fancy label on the lid.I'm still on happy high when I think about it, and have used it many times in the last few days.LOVE IT Tania, thank you.The friends Ive made through stamping has been wonderful surprise for me.Sharing ,caring and encouraging.
You girls ROCK!


kelsey said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what Sal made for you Dawnie, I have some of that friendly plastic floating in my studio....must dig it out and play! Your pin is just fantastic too! Lucky you having such giving friends, but remember, what you give out is what you get back, so it's fitting that you get such great gifts from your wonderful friends ;-)

Julie H said...

All fantastic Dawnie!!! I especially love your pin. Did you colour the pin itself or is that the photo? What a fantasic image to have peakig out of among the 'bellies'.

I am so glad you are giving yourself time to relax and play.


Dotee said...

I agree 100% with Kelsey! You are such a giving woman that I am not surprised people want to give back to you. I wannna to toooo!!

I LOVE the art doll Miss Jane made for you. It is just gorgeous!

And the note holder Sall made looks beautiful too. Would love to see it up close. How special Sal gave it to you on her birthday.

Your cousin Carol will love the card you made for her. Such a personal gift. The pin you made is stunning.

The brush soap sounds fabbo.

It's all good!! Great in fact :)

Love youuuuuuu..