Wednesday, February 07, 2007

ART LOVE: THE WINNER'S ARE .............

Spreading the art love is truly a wonderful thing.I think it will be something I will do again, so keep your peeps open for an ART LOVE giveaway here again soon.

SO miss 10 drew the first name and NATALIE WOLFE, the canvas is yours.
Miss 14 drew the second name and SULEA LEE , the microscope charm is on its way.
Some ART LOVE coming in your direction girls.WOO HOO !

Thank you so much to everyone who joined in for this,its been such a joy !

Just wanted to share some drawings that master 15 drew while waiting for a download at the pc .I think these are awesome ( a proud mama had to show them off ) but master 15 shrugs his shoulders and says 'it just scribbles to pass the time'.No biggie hey !

What joy that he has taken Art as a year 11 elective.
Could cool Mc cool be any cooler ?

I think not.


Natalie B said...

WOW! Such a clever master 15!! Obviously we know where he get's his artistic talent from... *big wink*.. seriously though, does he know what he wants to do when h'es finished school? Such an eye for detail. Hugs to you Natxx

Natalie B said...

ps congrats to Natalie W and Sulea...

Julie H said...

How wonderful!!! Hands are so hard to draw. he really has picked up your arty skills. And lucky lucky girls to win your art!!!

Natalie Wolfe said...

Wow, I am so excited - that you so much Dawn, looking forward to receiving this canvas (which I just love by the way!!)

And I have to say - these sketches by Master 15 are amazing ... why doesn't he design some stamps for us???

Sulea said...

WOW.......... THANK YOU so much Dawn!!! omg.. master 15 certainly has talent. i reckon the hardest thing to draw are hands! :o) must take after his mum!


Anonymous said...

Those drawings are fabulous. I wish i could 'scribble' that good :o)

Dotee said...

Whoooo Hoooo!! Congrats to Natalie W and Sulea (yay). Am sure they will love their art from you. Gorgeous work from a gorgeous girl.

Isn't this giving away art fun? Good for the heart and soul.

And your son is way cool. He is so talented(like his mama). These hands are fantastic. So glad he is following his passions.

I am loving being able to visit your blog every day Dawnie. It is one of the hightlights of my day.


Anonymous said...

Your son is extremely talented. Beautiful work.

Betzie said...

Love these sketches, I've always wanted to draw, but not my forte! Your son is so talented!
I have a 15 year old son too that I'm very proud of as well.
Loved finding your blog!