Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Such a difference

Ive been quite astounded by the difference in the colour of my artwork when it comes to comparing the camera to the scanner.I'm really enjoying learning about both tools.
These two are the same ATC.Stampbord coloured using stazon ink, but the one on the left is scanned.The one on the right taken with the camera and is the true colour of the ATC.
Such a difference !

These were done with stampbord with stazon, with a bit of wild plum thrown in.Once again the colours are quite different.
Interesting !
Sorry for the blurry one on the left. (Practice makes perfect and I'm practising )


deb said...

Fantastic colours, love these pieces.

kelsey said...

Gorgeous pieces Dawnie, love all the swirlies on the Dragonfly Legend!!! Awesome stamp that one...love it!

carmel said...

oh I like it, I like it! magic colour combos - can't wait to see them in the flesh. hugs, Carmel xx

Dotee said...

Gorgeous color combos as per usual Dawnie!

Your camera pics have really improved. I find that my little camera is much truer in color too. Very rarely scan anything now.

Love you xoxox

Dotee xoxo

Sulea said...

WOW big difference!!! the camera pictures are awesome. love the gorgeous shades of orange/rust (my favourite colours too! )

carmel said...

Hi Dawnie, tnx for comment on my blog - I did reply but just in case - V happy to swap lol - yum yum (for anything) but V happy to send you 'Journey' regardless. Hugs, Carmel xxxx

Natalie Wolfe said...

Love this latest art Dawn ... isn't it amazing the difference with camera and scanner. I have been preferring the camera option lately. I received your canvas today and OMG it is even more beautiful in real life. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Jen Crossley said...

Wow Dawnie Love these LOVE the Colour Hey dawnie Love you as well Its valentines day!!!!!

Julie H said...

These are fabulous Dawn. I used my scanner tonight for the first time in a while and was happy with it - but most of the time my little camera wins.

I do love all those swirls - and the eyes! Wonderful.

Hugs to you

SombraKnight said...

Oh I truly love these. They are beauties! Great Colors!


belinda said...

yes, isn't that so strange? though the scanner is very easy to do. i often have a hard time with light when using my camera. love the yummy colors!! and the uk photos, really special. haven't seen the musical yet, but it sure is on my list.