Sunday, March 25, 2007


Thankyou to all you gals that have asked about my new banner.Thanks to my bright and beautiful BANNER BOY , my blog page has a cool and funky feel.
It's SUPER ,I love it ,thankyou A.
Natalie B also has a new banner done by master 15, and judging by her last post she loves it.Thanks Natty.It look fab.

BANNER BOY will have a website very soon displaying his graphic designs , so if your interested in having him do a personalised banner with your artwork, please email me for details


kelsey said...

Might need to take you up on this one Dawnie, love what your "Banner Boy" has done with Nat's & your banner...they look great!!!

carmel said...

me too pretty please! I just managed to get the slide show happening lol but not in the place I wanted it in! beautiful work A - AKA Banner Boy! can you teach me photoshop? lol. we need clever kids for future leaders. Hugs, Carmel xxx

Julie H said...

What a fantastic banner, and a terrific photo of the artist himself!

He must get his talent fron his Mum!

Dotee said...

LOVE your new banner Dawnie!
Your son is very talented.
Will pop over and check out Nat's now :)

Jen Crossley said...

Looks great Dawnie your banner boy is very talented cant wait to check out his site as well

Sulea said...

OH my.. what a gorgeous banner... Banner boy is really talented!!! has a great eye for colour and composition just like his mum! :oD
Sulea :o)

Christine Baier said...

You can be proud of your Banner Boy! He did a great job! I know, what I say, because I also have my Website Boy look at: