Sunday, March 11, 2007

Beautiful bloggers share......

How thrilled I was to receive a very full parcel from a wonderful blopgger pal SAMMY.How spoilt I am with all the goodies she shared with me ( thank you Sammy)

and to have my very own little pickle.

Isn't Pickle just the cutest !

How thrilled I am to be godmother to pickle babies.The felting and beading are just fantastic.
Wonderful Stuff Sammy.You are so skilled.

Amongst my goodies was a wonderful felt piece all embellished and burnt.A super tag book just asking to be played in.Some chipboard coaster.You blew me away with your generousity Sammy.Thankyou

some fantastic photographs that Sammy's dad collected of circus trailer's, dating back to 1903.

Nobody witnessess the circus travelling down the main street of town now do they.Such wonderful detail in the carriages.I'm thrilled that Sammy would share these wonderful photos, so thank you so much .FANTASTIC pics.
Your father sounds like a wonderful man .You must miss him terribly.His legacy lives on and many love him .
You must be so proud Sammy.

ILKA, another wonderful blogger pal also sent me a super parcel of goodies.
I love her style of card art.Very inspiring.Ilka also included two super ATC's AND some YUMMY GUMMY BEARS.My cherubs are busting to open those.It's keeping the rooms tidy for just a little longer.I'm savouring the gorgeous packet,all written in German.What a fabo girl you are and your sence of humour tickles me.
Thanks Ilka for sharing.

Gail from Rivers living blogspot sent me these wonderful ATC's.The black ,white and red is a silkscreen print from a printing factory just near her from the 80's, and the bird is from a man's vintage shirt.

These are fab Gail.

Isnt swapping ART just AWSOME !
Thankyou blogger buds. Your AMAZING


Dotee said...

What a wonderful stash of goodies Dawnie!! So glad you are meeting more people through blogging - isn't it grand??

I LOVE your pickle from Sammy.What a gorgeous face and the colors are divine. Sammy is such a generous soul. And so talented.

Ilka's card and ATC's are lovely. And the gummy bears.... mmm

And Gail's ATC's are so special too!!

Thanks for sharing lovely lady xoxox

Jen Crossley said...

wow dawnie what a mail day you guys have over there.
The blog world is amazing you meet wonderful talented people.
Love the art work you received.
I love the old photo as well amazing

Sulea said...

Dawn, i just love visiting your blog. Love all the photos and art you have been sharing. The 'White' pure innocence atc is just simply gorgeous!

Gail said...

Glad your two ATCs arrived ok, the vintage bird is appliqued also on old Key West silk screen fabric. To bad the beads do not show up well, and seeing the red embrodery
on the other one lets me know I should have put a solid color under it.Love your other great gifts of art.

Ilka Wilczek said...'re a really good friend...thank you!

Natalie B said...

Wow D, what a stash!! Yummy yummy stuff here incl the gummy bears!! Bet the cherubs enjoyed those. Big hugs to you Natxx

Julie H said...

What wonderful art! Ilka's card is so soft and yet textural - I must go look at ther work.

Godmother pickle, how wonderful! We all talk to you when we are in a pickle ... umm .. I may be onto something there. Seriously, it is beaut. I love all your goodies.

sammy said...

I am so touched by what you said about my dad and his pictures... He just love this I am sure! Oh I am sending you a email, but I got the package!! Stuff just came coming out.. and out... and out!


deb said...

What fantastic stuff to of received in the post. Love all of it, lucky you Dawn :o)