Monday, March 19, 2007

Blog Offerings

Not much going on art wise for me just now.Finishing a few swaps and planning for others.My mind has been racing with ideas for a charm swap, Gothic pages, and a few ideas for altering goodies I have been gathering.
( OH yes, how I LOVE to gather)
So much cool stuff to play with and not enough hours in the day.
so my blog offering is a card for a cool gal pal.
must be off to get my beauty sleep....
I think sleeping is my second favourite thing to do.
Hmm..... what could be the first............?
Oh and EV has a blog. Check it out
Congrats Ev.


deb said...

Love the colours you've used Dawn.

Julie H said...

Gorgeous as always! Your use of colour is second-to-none.

Ev said...

love those colours, thanks for visiting my blog and bringing friends with you ROFLOL. Don't suppose I can stop posting to it now you have "outed" me!!!

Jen Crossley said...

zzzz join the club Dawnie zzzzzz
Ps love the colours on this cool card from your pal

kelsey said...

Beautiful use of colour once again you EVER do colours that don't go????? lol

"I" know what your first love is.....have you written that letter to your hubby yet??? hehehehe

Dotee said...

Love the new look of your blog Dawniepoos. And love this card too.

I agree with our Julie that your choice of colors is second to none. Always stunning.

Thank for the link to Ev's blog. Will pop over and say hi.

And I laughed out loud at your words' I LOVE to gather' - me too :)

Love ya girly girl xoxoxo

Gail said...

Like the new look, I took your suggestion and checked out Ev's site, cool stuff.
I think we all are "gathers" I like that. BE BLESSED :-)

Sulea said...

Gorgeous card!!! The colours are just so yummy.
Sulea :o)

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

I am new to you. Wgat is swappibg.I am a liyyle slow on net because ofloss of sight

Sarah said...

Beautiful card.Love the colours very striking, stunning!!!