Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A pressie from Jane P

Checkout this wonderful note book cover that JANE P dropped off to me yesterday.Isn't it fabo.
How spoilt am I !
Its so yummy, the colours, texture and bellies.Its so wonderful and I will treasure it always.Thank you so much Jane.
Sorry that the pics arn't that great.Only snapped off these two before the batteries died.
How much fun is Jane having with her new Embellisher machine ....you go girl !


Ev said...

what a lovely gift, she has done a beautiful job, how lucky you are.

Jen Crossley said...

WOW you lucky girl Dawnie this is fabulous piece Love it

kelsey said...

Gorgeous piece Dawn....or should I say Jane? lol Beautiful work!

Julie H said...

Beautiful! I can see why you would treasure this one!! Jane makes such wonderful use of colour.

Jellybean said...

Love the work here - you lucky thing D!



Dotee said...

Jane is really on a roll right now! This is GORGEOUS Dawnie! I can see why you were thrilled with it.
Love the colors and that face. Can't wait to see Jane's new embellisher art up close! (and you up close too - just booked my flights to WA ...whoooo hooo).

Dotee said...

P.S Just took another peek at your photo's of Wales. It looks like such a beautiful place Dawnie. And your photo's are gorgeous. So much space!
How lovely that you hand fed a red squirrel. They are tiny little creatures aren't they?