Saturday, April 07, 2007

A trip to Wales

Now this leg of our journey was one I was longing for.My sister-in law and her hubby live near Manchester in Blackrod, so it was a few weeks staying with them.How lovely it is up there.The shopkeepers all so friendly and like a chat.Wonderful people.

This top pic is the church next door to Karan and Jeff.

Church bells on Sunday make for a superb alarm clock, and of course tell you you have 15 minutes to get to Sunday service.

Did you know a bread roll is a BARM.

I hand fed a wild RED squirrel.Just the daintiest little creature you ever did see.These are endangered as the grey squirrel are taking over, so sad.
Now these next two pics are of Lake Windermere, Beatrix Potter Country.Such a delightful day out on the lake, and a ride on a steam train.

Beautiful countryside and ever so green.

Another day saw us drive 5 hours to get up into Wales.Now there is some clean air. Fill your lungs.What amazing country-side.Our destination was Mt Snowdon, and a steam train up the mount.Now we only got just over half way, but the view was AMAZING

I couldn't get enough of the wonderful stone buildings and this little lane way was just begging to be explored.
Such a wonderful place that I really enjoyed.I look forward to a return visit there, and next time I,m walking down that mountain.
What a beautiful place.


Jane P said...

I did not think such beautiful houses existed only in the movies1 Have put this on my must see list, What a great holiday you had

deb said...

Gorgeous pictures Dawny, Wales is stunning isn't it.

Julie H said...

Oh Dawn, what a wave of nostalgia you gave me. My Mum's family are from the lake district and Lake Windermere is so familiar. I have not been to Wales yet - so beautiful - and your photos are amazing!

Ev said...

glad you are back to blogging your holiday...from one happy wanderer to another - I love Wales, though mainly the southern part...can't help but love your birthplace more now can you LOL

Sulea said...

Wow breathtaking sceneries...

Jen Crossley said...

Dawnie these photos are just breathtaking they are amazing shots thanks for sharing them with us all
Jen Crozza