Saturday, October 20, 2007


Well I've finally come to play with the GPP STREET TEAM and decided to have a crack at the every inspiring Michelle Wards crusade No13 GET GOTHIC.I just can't resist !

I had the pleasure in joining a Gothic arch swap hosted by the wonderful Natalie, with 13 awesome girlie's making pretty specky eye candy.I really enjoyed making this but couldn't find the right belly to go in her hand.
I hate when that happens !
Had to share this awesome site HAUNTED MEMORIES that have original vintage pictures that change when you walk past them or turn them in your hand.Too cool !Oh how my clan are begging me to purchase

When we duck into Perth our first port of call is EMPIRE TOYS where we first saw the wild and wicked LIVING DEAD DOLLS
Two lads, Ed Long and Damien Glonek are the creators of these gruesome ghoul's and some come with their own death certificate or body bag.
MEET JEEPER'S and DAWN.Isn't she just divine, NOT.
Hop over HERE to see what Living Dead Doll you are !
This is my alter ego SHEENA.Doesn't she just ROCK

Now this time last year we were in the UK for Halloween and of course my girls just had to have a crack at pumpkin carving. A major mess, but so worth it.They look fantastic lit up with a candle .

Now to finish with a blood red rose from my son , awwwwwe, who is a tad talented with his drawing skills.
I should pin this to his bedroom door to gaze upon before opening, so as to soften the blow.
Awwwwwwwwe, now clean your room !


michelle ward said...

dawn - great gothy post! love your arch page - nice textures!! my favorite thing on this entry has to be that rose by your son. fantastic!!! thanks for playing with the street team!

kelsey said...

Yep, gotta love those Living Dead Dolls....I too have "toyed" (get it? hahahaha) with the idea of buying one! Your gothic page looks fantastic irl, I have yet to bind about you???

johanna said...

wonderful arch!! love that rose, too, how proud you can be of your son!! and these creepy cab cards are so great - there are a lot of them at the ed gorey site (but you surely know).
boo to you!!!

Ev said...

good to see the update, what fantastic pumpkins (we used to do turnips when I was a kid - not sure if it was because we couldn't get pumpkins or that turnips were cheap - see the Scot come out there?) Never did anything so cool though. Gossy's markets has a stall that sells Goth stuff but I haven't ever seen those too cool dolls.

Jen Crossley said...

Those dolls are very big over here in Vic .LOve the pumpkins they look very cool.

Jen Crossley said...

opps Love your Gothic page I was lucky enough to get one of your's

carlene federer said...

thanx for the fun links! great arch art, & that rose drawing by your son is amazing!

Judy said...

I really like your Goth page but thoe dolls! Creepy

The Dabbler said...

I want one of those Living Dead Dolls and the Haunted Memories pictures! Your arch page is beautiful and so are your carved pumpkins! Really enjoyed all the cool art & objects you accumulated for this post. Devilishly fun!

A crusade newbie,

Sandra Evertson said...

Your artwork is Fabulous!
Love the Arch! And thanks for the link to the changing portraits!
Sandra Evertson