Monday, November 19, 2007

Boys Book Club

An after school project called the GUTENBERG BOYS BOOK CLUB has me all inspired to help 10 boys to write,create and make their own,individual book.They certainly have Jane and I very enthused.The delight in their eyes is every so exciting as I can see the ideas whirling round in their heads.Most have a very vivid view on how they want their book to look, while others are very open to listen and happy to bounce ideas around.Im finding this a very interesting project,they are my muse at the moment which has made me rather keen to create.Is this what drives most people to devote their lives to teaching?I think it might !

We have aged paper( coffee granual's were a favourite that had the artroom smelling like Miss Mauds),created a book with a spine and started making embellishments with airdry clay.The boys really enjoyed some rubber stamping too.Gotta get them while there young and bring them to the dark side,he-he.The dragon book I made below seemed to be a hit as was the metal tape covers.

.Who says making male art is hard !

This Tuesday will see them all putting their hand dyed papers on the covers and learning to set an eyelet which I'm sure they are all going to love smashing with a hammer as much as I do.

Just thought I would share where my heads been at lately and this post is dedicated to the lovely Deb Baker who is ever inspiring and offer's encouragement to those that are lazy bloggers.he-he.

Cheers one and all

Prawnie xxx


Jen Crossley said...

OMG WOW Dawnie arent these the coolest books I have ever seen.You and Jane have done an amazing job with these guys.
Congrats your amazing all of you

Julie H said...

I'd like to be in your class! And I am with the boys the dragon sample is WONDERFUL!

I am so glad you have shared these with us.

And yes, I too am inspired by the student.

Ev said...

books look wonderful, I love the dragon, is that a mould, email me the details I sooooo WANT it.

kelsey said...

Fantastic books these boys are making Dawnie, how lucky are they to have you and Jane as their awe-inspiring teachers!!! I'm sure they'll hang on to them forever....bit more useful than a picture made with macaroni! lol

Genevieve said...

Damn, Ev got there before me...but if your open to monetary bribes, alcohol etc then I'm offering it...pretty please with cherries on top.....I may just have to turn to a life of crime to get that dragon book! I also love the one with the pen nibs on it. Thanks for sharing D.

Debbi Baker said...

Fabulous post Dawnie!! Love the work you and the boys are doing - the results are really amazing! Now it is time for an update, girl...

:))) (they are my chins all smiling very happily!)

PS How would bloggers like me get along without exclamation marks?!!!