Saturday, December 01, 2007

UPDATE: Boys Book Club

Well quite a few boys have finished the covers for their books and Ive gotta say they are pretty COOL.
Checkout their efforts...

We dyed paper,measured,cut, stamped, embossed, eyeleted. Used air dry clay, sand, metal tape, leather, paint,metalic rub-ons, alcohol inks, shim, texture paste, Split pins, string and brown paper.Pretty specky effort for 10 year olds to come up with these designs and Ive so enjoyed working with these lads.Its been the lift I so needed to fuel the creative fire.

Its made me dabble with a few mini books.The dark brown one is a tag book cover covered with shellac, a medium inspired by Julie H, which is just awsome and gives a glorious golden hue.The other two are tag books,the pages are tags turned into pockets that hold the tags poking out the top. Such fun
Been dabbling just a little and will share very soon.Thanks so much for having a peek and please leave a comment as its greatly appreciated.
Happy December !


kelsey said...

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! What a supreme job these boys have done Dawn. Just goes to show what a huge inspiration you are to prompt them to turn out such fantastic books! I'm sure they'll treasure them for years to come.

Nice to see you've been having a play too and I look forward to more of your stuff, as'll be awesome!

Julie H said...

Dawn these are ALL amazing. What a fantastic teacher you have been to inspire the boys so! Love, love, love your tag books.

See you SOON!

Julie H said...

Dawn these are ALL amazing. What a fantastic teacher you have been to inspire the boys so! Love, love, love your tag books.

See you SOON!

Jen Crossley said...

WOW Dawnie the boys have done a fantastic Job but they had a GREAT TEACHER full of beans and over brimming with Talent!!
PS MY son saw these and Loved them

Ev said...

Books are looking fantastic. You have done a wonderful job. I would love to see these IRL...are they in the classroom?

Dot said...

Dawnie you are a brilliant teacher. No doubt inspiring the boys along the way with your wonderful and encouraging personality!

Gorgeous work!!!

Dot said...

P.S I have really missed seeing your lovely art. Just today I hung up the two GORGEOUS art dolls you made me for the swap I ran a while back. I just love them!!

Colette said...

Gee wiz Dawn! First of all I am a school teacher plus I go to art workshops with Sally Swain and I've only seen 2 men there over 8 years!

These boys must be utterly delighted! How old are they?

I LOVE what you are doing.

Plus I want to try it!

I hope you will share the boys pages as it progresses as well. How long are the classes? Is it an after school care program?

I learnt about your blog through Belinda Schneider who recommended you to me as I am an Australian living in Sydney and am new to all this.

She also gave me Kelsey's name and Kelsey has been so so suportive giving advice and answering a 100 questions!

Anyway just saying hello!

Plus if you know of any shops in Sydney where I can get supplies for altering a book and stamps re Leonardo Da Vinci & Renaissance alchemy style, let me know!

Plus if you'd like to collaborate on a Da Vinci styled book I'm seeking a few friendly folks.

(New to all this)