Saturday, December 20, 2008


Its been my pleasure to take part in a special Christmas swap with wonderful and talented Australian AUST ART SISTERS.

I created some bookmarks from pieces of wet felting I made. I just adore felt making and cant get enough of it.

and filled them with love

Hope the girls get pleasure from them.

Added a double sided keychain that I hope will be useful.
I love these mini collage's, such fun !

A wonderful swap that has given me great pleasure.
Today was day eight with still four gifts to go. WOO HOO
BUT, the little child in me finds it hard not to peek.


Sulea said...

hi Dawnie,

Your felt work is just totally gorgeous! How amazing to be able to make such beautiful things. I love the hearts you have made.. have you tried making handbags yet? How about little felt birds!!! They would make great christmas ornaments.. or stars!!!! I tried sewing some little felt birds last year for tree ornaments but let's just say i should not sew.

Also love the keyrings. What a great useful idea, not to mention creative! May I ask where you got the blank keyrings from? :)


Patti G. said...

Dawnie, your artwork is always stunning! I adore your heart bookmarks which I would hang on my tree they are sooooooo pretty, and your doublesided key rings, artsy and awesome!!!!!!!
Sending Holiday hugs!

Gaby Bee said...

These heart bookmarks are adorable. I love your key rings also. What a fun idea.
I wish you and yours a Verry Merry Christmas!

Gaby xo

NessH said...

Dawn the hearts are just beautiful..I love them..and the keyrings are divine..yes where did u get them from..??
and I love the new look blog..nicely done..thanks for sharing

kelsey said...

I did notice these beautiful felted heart bookmarks on someone else's site and though they looked great! As Sulea said, "where'd you get the blank keyrings from?"!!! What a great idea!

Sam Marshall said...

Hi Dawnie,
How gorgeous!!! Love the felted bookmarks. Love everything!!!

Sam Marshall said...

Hi Dawnie,
How gorgeous!!! Love the felted bookmarks. Love everything!!!

Jen Crossley said...

Hi Dawnie
I was so Lucky to receive your heart just stunning

Gunes Yilmaz said...

nice works!