Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dragonfly ART

Been having some fun with my Krafty Lady moulds and Delight air dry clay just lately ( thanks France for the inspiration )
The dragonfly is Stampers Annon.I ran the delight through the pasta machine , dusted the stamp with my antistatic pad,then stamped the image into the Delight.Let dry for 24 hours, then painted black with black gesso.Ive then rubbed with metallic rub-ons, then dusted the dragonfly with blue/green shimmer powder.
The glare on the pic ( shoddy camera work, sorry ) hasn't picked up these colours.Ive then rubbed the image with antique gold rub and buff.The letters are done using the same method.Love these little letter tiles, but I have just used the inner part of the letter mold.Excellent to get different looks for your letters.
Emboss the background with ranger distressable embossing powder and added some eyelets with the very cool crop-o-dile.
Heaps of fun ( yes little piles of fun everywhere on my craft desk )
If I tidy it I wont know where anything is ! 'VBG'

Monday, January 29, 2007

My dad's 15 minutes of fame

Just had to tell that my darling dad will be on the TV programme ,Totally Wild, channel 10, Friday, 2nd of Feb at 4pm (Western Australian time).Michael Mills, you star !They are doing a story on the new Maritime Museum in Fremantle,where my father works.He organises the guided tours through the submarine,HMAS Ovens.He is thrilled and very proud,as we all are of him.Congrats dad,good for you !
Lets just hope its not just the back of your head that makes it onscreen .LOL

As I was typing this there was a knock at my front door and there was my dad.A little paper bag in his hand, 'I bought this for you' he says to me.Inside was a little bottle with a sailing ship in it's belly, the tall ship SS Leeuwin 2 to be exact.A beautiful memento from a days sailing that we all did on the last day of 2006.A gift to us all from mum and dad. It was a special day for everyone, and thank you to you both,we had a great day.

To dad,thank you, I love my little ship in a bottle.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Music my muse

Today has been another learning day for me.My photography hasnt been the best so trying to gather info from my peers. ( thanks gals for all the pointers )What super support you all give. Thankyou for you time and patience. My music on my Mp3 does inspired me (http://justin-timberlake-ft-snoop-dogg-pose-mp3-download.kohit.net/_/574799 ) Have a great day !

Friday, January 26, 2007

I LOVE these colours

Thought I would share my latest playtime with a $1.50 antique copper frame (new) Now the frame didnt have a stranger's picture inserted , but a lovely script.So of course I had to add my flavour,which seem to be these colours quite a lot of late (lol). I do love the vibrancy of my stazon pads.Colours used here are Mustard, Pumpkin, Blazing Red and black. Stamping on the underside and top of the glass gives a great layered look.

Is it just me or does everyone have a certain colour combo they just cant move away from?

Gotta say though, these colours do get the 'ART FIRE ' burning !

Wednesday Stamper

This weeks theme for Wednesday Stamper is Mona Madness.
I really like this Stamper Annonymous image of Mona from the Tim Holts Collection.
Ive used the collections arches and embossed with Rusty nail. Im still working on the inside.

The other is a ATC done with Delight air dry clay,stamped ( GPP),air dried, painted black, applied Metalic Rub-Ons.

Excellent to work to a theme. Its quite a challenge.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Wednesday Stamper

Here is my playtime for Wednesday Stamper. The theme is of course 'TIME'
Dont Tick and Tock look like they are having fun, 'NOT'

Spoilt Girl

My very good friend Jane P and I finally caught up last week as this is my wonderful bag of goodies Jane gave me.
I'm feeling very spoilt.This art doll Jane made ( and secretly I wanted her for myself ) Super beading work.Thank you Jane, you do spoil me.

Super gal pal Sal G gave me this terrific note holder on HER birthday.Its done using friendly plastic, but this photo doesn't do it justice at all.Its quite sparkly with lots of metallic colours.I love this stamp, and Sals touch is just super.Thankyou you Yllas.
Checkout Sals blog for more samples of the friendly plastic.

Well The last few days Ive been doing a wide variety of stuff from cleaning/sorting to creating.Ive done cards, ATC's, canvas boards,brooches.I'm having a ball.This pin Ive done for a sample for Paperartsy.Its the Strange Little girls stamp, so thought the mix of metal bits suited them.Bit of a JC flavour to this one.Love your stuff crozza.

Now this card was made for my special aunty Carol ( well she is my cousin, but I call her aunty ) She hasn't been feeling very well lately and through a doctors checkup found out she had had a stroke.Test will reveal to what extent its affected her, but basically she hasn't been feeling to flash.So to cheer her my mum dug out this picture of AC as a child and hopefully it will cheer her up.It will be interesting to see if she recognises herself !

I,m so lucky to have wonderful sharing people around me.The giving of a handmade gift is very special.How touched I was at my stampclub last Friday night,when a good bud Tania B gave me a tin of handmade brush soap for my paintbrushes.You couldn't buy a finer product as the way she had packaged it in a silver metal screw top tin, fancy label on the lid.I'm still on happy high when I think about it, and have used it many times in the last few days.LOVE IT Tania, thank you.The friends Ive made through stamping has been wonderful surprise for me.Sharing ,caring and encouraging.
You girls ROCK!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Time to myself

School holiday's have been super relaxing for me.I'm totally enjoying the late nights,extra long sleep-ins and ignoring the housework (what a wonderful feeling when Ive have shared household duties with my children) lol and dont they love it! YEAH RIGHT,but they help me just the same.Pocket money is such a good incentive.

My creative time has meant the ideas that have been rolling round my head have begun to evolve into artwork.Ive relished in the free time, no running round for work, school,household duties.Time is always a big factor for us all and with it goes the debate of whether we should give our permission to use that time for ourselves.
This afternoon was spent with my daughter,my mother,a friend and her mum for a creative playtime.It never hit me until now how it felt more like a group of friends than a mother daughter thing.We enjoyed the company while all explored individual interests.There was beading and jewerllery making,quilling,card assemledge,stamping, ATC.
Throw in some cake and some laughs and you get a lovely afternoon.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Late night playtime

Thought I would share my late night playtime with my Paper Artsy 'School Days plate no 1.The first(Boy no 2) is an ATC done with the Tim Holtz technique of smooshing alcohol inks onto gloss card.What a great bloke he is ! Ive then used crackle accents on the A after using H2O.The H2o was pulled into the cracks and looks cool.

Dont we all love the Collections stuff!I love the circles (amongst many other things from this company) Its one of my fav things I love to embellish with.This is my first play with Wednesday Stamper and this weeks challenge of Shapes/forms.

The card ART boy is done using my scrap bags
( a challenge I set for myself just using 1 or 2 of my scrap bags ) Ive given the boy a light wash with H2O.I then cut the acetate to look like smashed glass and stamped and highlighted the acetate with white stazon.The background was done using a lazer transperancy and transfering it to a copied picture using rubbing alcohol.

The red and yellow ATC is done using acrylic paint on acetate.I get 2 pieces of acetate,apply paint , press together and swipe or pull the acetate apart.I do several colour combo's in the one sitting.The trick is to get the right amont of paint to cover the acetate without making it to thick ( makes it to hard to stamp on ) Ive then stamped on Mica with white stazon. ( boy you have to have a VERY clean stamp to use this pad, or you dont get a crisp white )
Note to self: Clean stamps more often !

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Learning Curves

Well this weekend has been a great one for learning new things on my PC.Something I have put off for quite a while.A huge goal for me in 2007 is apply and learn more technical stuff, so I,ve taken the leap off the starting block .Creating a blog was first (thankyou to all the gals that prompted).I'm really enjoying the blogging world and the connection to others it offers.My next focus will be my digital camera and photo editing.

Watch out yahoo girls, I just might tamper with pics from camp!

While travelling round in my PC memory today I found some artwork that was made a while ago,,but thought you all might like to have a looksie .This ATC was made for a great gal,Jen J,who invited a few fabo girls to hers for a technique day.Jen shared a rusting technique, to then we added webbing spray.So much fun!See the background to the ATC.I've then used a transparency under a microscope slide and faux soldered with utee.

What wonderful company I'm keeping these days!The neverending supply of inspiration this arty crowd evokes keeps me hungry to follow the learning curve.I thankyou!
I venture to my craft desk to dabble with new rubber.Gotta love GPP rubber stamps.'OH YEAH'

Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Best Friends

Well a lot of us have that special furry face in our lives and this is my guy.He is always there for me,offering nothing but love.Billy is an 8YO blue roan cocker who is my constant companion.I love my little guy so much, so wanted you to meet him.

My mum ,Clare Mills, helps run the (APS)Animal Protection Society in Southern River. WA.She is head dog carer,vice president and personnel manager and has dedicated the last 9 years to the cause.Both my parents volunteer so much of their time, but have made many changes to help this place run more smoothly.New kennels and catteries, improved living conditions for the animals,gained funding,increased members and awareness in our community.
The hours my mum spends there is tremendous.She asks nothing in return but instead gains much personal satisfaction in knowing she has saved a life (she scouts all the local pounds for those on death row)or finds a new home for the homeless.Ive heard it said that it would take 3 people to do her workload.To list all she does would be impossible.
She also works as assistant manager at my child's primary school canteen once a week.
She is my hero.I thank my lucky stars to have her in my life.

Please go have a look at the APS website,as any support would be fantastic.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Something to Share

Well Ive decided to have a crack and share my daily (maybe ?) adventures.Some will yawn,or nod in agreement.Some will vow never to visit me again.I think my attitude will be, put it out there, be brave and share.
Yes, this will be my stance.
How blessed I am for the frienships found through ART.Rubber stamping for me has opened up a very rewarding world, one filled with acceptance,creativity,sharing and much laughter.
Time for me is spent learning new things whether it be about people,new products,my likes and dislikes.I'm the happiest Ive been in years.
Have shared with you my latest playtime.PaperArtsy is one of my favourite stamp companies.
Hope you come again to see me soon
ME xxx