Thursday, July 24, 2008

Vampire Love...

Have read these books by Stephanie Meyer while was recovering a few weeks ago and just waiting for Breaking Dawn ,the fourth book,to come out on the 4th of August. If you like teen love stories (ahh, memories of your first love) with a little vampire love and suspence thrown in then these are a great weekend read just for you. Brought out the teenage girl in me !
Entertained me too ...but then so does watching popcorn pop, he-he...and I'm going to have to pull rank with miss teen to read the 4th one first.

I just love the images on the covers of these books, quite striking !
The movie TWILIGHT comes out in January 2009 .
The word 'cradle snatcher' comes to mind...
I'm a bad ,bad girl.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Time is ticking ...

Time has been ticking away and what do I have to show for it ? Very little in the creative aspect of my life I'm afraid .My Gall Bladder decided it was time we parted company, so Ive been in recovery mode .Many of my peeps gave support ( THANKYOU) and shared stories of painful gall bladders of their own. I'm hearing that I'm now part of a not so exclusive club !
Very Special INDEED!

Made this canvas for my dear and very loveable friend CARMEL (who creates awsome wire work so go check her out !) ,for a canvas niche swap run on a super yahoo group called INKredibly RT. Canvas niche covered in fabric and painted in various colours, sprayed in walnut and glimmer mists.Delight air dry clay for the face, texture paste piped on for the hair,which was coloured using glimmer mist, highlighted in gold paint.
Made her crown using a wire jig, then hammered and shaped it to fit her head.

Now back to my SEWING. Is there every to be a day that the word SEWING doesn't feel foreign in my mouth ! Hope so.....