Friday, April 25, 2008

Sewing for my fabric sista !

Thought I would share my fabric page this month for my dear gal pal DOTEE, one of 10 fabric book's making their way around the world . This newbie learnt some new things in her fabric journey and enjoying this such a lot. Hard to say how it happened to turn into such a girlie page, but maybe hosting a big sleepover for my two daughters and friends had something to do with this very busy piece. I wanted to have a bit of a royal feel with the purple/pink colour with gold touches and crystal beads.It's back is not quite finished but it will head off to Germany in the next few days.
Hope you like it Dotee as I really enjoyed making this one.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Meet JADE and...

Meet our new family Member JADE, adopted from The Animal Protection Society at Southern River. A wonderful shelter for cat's and dogs that my darling mum and dad has been involved with for about 10 years or more. BOY! have they been part of the driving force that have seen major changes for the place. New kennels and outdoor runs for the dogs and new housing and kitten sheds for the cats.So much work goes on behind the scenes to network looking for donations for food and bedding which local business are supporting with great enthusiasm.
My mum works tirelessly for this cause both at the refuge and behind the scenes.It's known by all that if she left the place would fall down !
If thats not all she now foster cares for SAFE which has seen quite a few little faces staying for a few weeks to a few months in their home.It stands for SAVING ANIMALS FROM EUTHENASIA and another great cause for animals.
Finally finishes this canvas for my gal pal which is finally in her hot little hands.Texture paste, gel medium transfer and fiddly bits all in the name of good fun.
Tried my hand at doing some copper etching and lets just say Ive learnt lots through mistakes. This was the best piece and will definatley have another crack at it.

Off to Miss Saigon today for the arvo session with my mumsy.How wonderful that grandad is coming to take my two girls out for lunch today. A super day for all as master 16 is off to act and direct in preparion for the school drama festival while hubby is in Darwin.BEAUTIFUL !