Monday, February 26, 2007


A quick playtime for Wednesday Stamper , while watching the Academy Awards.This weeks super theme is of course BUTTERFLIES.
Thankyou Natty B for leading me to this great place to play.Love the themes as its quite challenging to work to a theme over the space of a week.Really enjoyable.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


How lucky am I to receive this super amazing quilt from our Jackie. I'm quite blown away that Jacky would give this to me.So much work and detail, that for me , being a non sewer, I really do admire.So much stitching and little beads dotted about.The glass dragonfly beads are a beautiful touch.Its such yummy colours, with gold splashed about.This is such a treasure I love it so much. Thank you Jacky( you need a blog).Big hug to you.
I still cant believe its mine and cant stop touching it.
It truly is a Bluebird of Happiness.
Isn't the art world so wonderful.
Thankyou for sharing your friendship's Dotee.
As we say she is OUR Jacky now.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Get well Wishes for Eamon

Sending love and best wishes to EAMON who is healing from major surgery.Get well soon.
May positive thoughts help you through the tough times.
Love to you and all your family

On with the Disneyland

So it was a very early rise the day we set out for EURO DISNEY,PARIS.How exciting ! It was board a bus with all 5 dragging the luggage.Travel the underground in peak hour,to then climb aboard the very comfy Euro Star. Bit like a plane, except its a train.How lovely it was to watch the very green countryside go by.

Disneyland was amazing.So must to see and do( of course a pic with Mick Mouse is a must) The grounds are immaculate and on arrival walked into a street parade with all the characters.The park had a Halloween theme so there were pumpkins everywhere.We saw such alot that first afternoon,and due to a slight drizzle of rain saw us walking onto rides, no queuing.This had my husband boarding INDIANA JONES roller coaster,mumbling 'this isn't right,I haven't had time to think this over'.Closed eyes and white knuckled he rode it out,brave soul.It was THE best roller coaster ride Ive ever been on.Bring it on !

How lucky was my girlie to have her 14Th birthday there.At lunch 6 waiters singing happy birthday brought out her birthday cake.Her face was a picture as she scanned the room to see who was getting the cake, realizing they were heading her way.Excellent surprise.She shared half her cake with some french children who had come over to have a look.
Dinner at the wild west show finished her day with us whooping and hollering with Buffalo Bill, cowboys,Indians,buffalo and Annie Oakley.What a great day!

Above is a shot I took of the haunted mansion.The sun behind the house gave it a spooky look.Of course I meant to do this !

So much detail everywhere you look.Three days there just wasn't enough to see all three parks.My favourite was movie world where I saw the best demo of stunt driving ever.

What wonderful memories we all came away with and a grand time was had by all.
Next stop PARIS. wee-wee

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Art Gifts Shared

Thought I would share some goodies that some wonderful talented girlies have shared with me just lately .

This very cool note book is from the funky spunky Natalie B (miss you) Flown all the way from Tom Price,so she is a bit parched and very tired so seen here resting in my kitchen with a iced drink nearby.Isnt she so fabulous.

Love your style Nat.

Love it Natty, thankyou and I think I will use it for the addys of all my new blogger buds.

On the right is a soot stamped ATC from miss Kelsey.Another gal that just floors me with her knowledge and art.Love her wicked sence of humour.Awsome K .Gotta love those zetti stamps.Thanks Kelsey.Wink right back at ya.

Ive had two beautiful Dotee dolls from Dot Christian and 5 wonderful ATC's that are total eye candy.Even the paper and ribbon its all wrapped in are just yum.Of course that is put with my stash too.Love the dollies (Meg loves hers) and your wonderful ATC's Dotee.

Thankyou for making the art love world go round.

Ive also had a valentine ATC from my great gal pal Jan Hudson. So much going on in her very busy life, and still made time to send me a valentine honey on an ATC.Love it Jan .Thankyou.I look forward to catching up with you at stampclub Jan.

School Holidays brought a lovely morning spent with a special gal Shirley, who made me the most beautiful canvas book.Stunning inside and out, with tag treasures inside.I just adore it Shirl.thankyou so much for sharing your art with me.Hope you enjoyed your holiday too.

Valentines day I had a lovely gift from my pal Jane P.

A cool glass charm for me to wear ( or for Jane to string me up by the neck ) lol. Stiffy starch, arhh yes my favourite.You make me laugh Jane,and where is this blog you say you have ?Some peer group pressure coming your way I think.Thanks for thinking of me.

hug my friend.

Eye candy shared is wonderful stuff. Love it all buddies .
How you all inspire me.

Thanks heaps

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Such a difference

Ive been quite astounded by the difference in the colour of my artwork when it comes to comparing the camera to the scanner.I'm really enjoying learning about both tools.
These two are the same ATC.Stampbord coloured using stazon ink, but the one on the left is scanned.The one on the right taken with the camera and is the true colour of the ATC.
Such a difference !

These were done with stampbord with stazon, with a bit of wild plum thrown in.Once again the colours are quite different.
Interesting !
Sorry for the blurry one on the left. (Practice makes perfect and I'm practising )

Friday, February 09, 2007

Was it all dream .....

Ive been thinking about my family trip overseas last October,which seems like eons ago, a feeling that it was all just a dream.
This trip was to take our children to see family (My husband and I are English, I was imported to Oz when I was 2) and to show our eldest where he was born.We did so much in the 6 weeks so thought I would share a peek with you.
The first week was spent in Chelmsford,Essex, where my hubby and our first born are from.Of course we stopped by the semi detached house where we lived in Hatfield Peveral, and I reminised.Saw the field nearby where I had made my first snow angel and listened to the quietness that new fallen snow brings.Oh how many things I had forgotten.
From here the children had their first experience of a castle in Colchester,the oldest recorded village in Essex.The home of the rhymes Humpty Dumpty (a huge cannon) and twinkle twinkle.
Of course we travelled the underground around London and did the tourist thing. The London Eye,Big Ben, cruise on the Thames,Big red open topped bus,Covent Garden,London Bridge,grey squirrel's, tea with the Queen.Its so seeped in history with so much to see and do.
We just had to go to the theatre of course ,so the families choice was 'We Will Rock You'.Really enjoyable.
Tottenham Court Road,now there is a very busy place.All hustle and bustle.
I heard the sweetest sound of a busker whistling in the underground tunnels that day.
From here to Paris , but that is another post.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

ART LOVE: THE WINNER'S ARE .............

Spreading the art love is truly a wonderful thing.I think it will be something I will do again, so keep your peeps open for an ART LOVE giveaway here again soon.

SO miss 10 drew the first name and NATALIE WOLFE, the canvas is yours.
Miss 14 drew the second name and SULEA LEE , the microscope charm is on its way.
Some ART LOVE coming in your direction girls.WOO HOO !

Thank you so much to everyone who joined in for this,its been such a joy !

Just wanted to share some drawings that master 15 drew while waiting for a download at the pc .I think these are awesome ( a proud mama had to show them off ) but master 15 shrugs his shoulders and says 'it just scribbles to pass the time'.No biggie hey !

What joy that he has taken Art as a year 11 elective.
Could cool Mc cool be any cooler ?

I think not.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Ive enjoyed the Wednesday Stampers THINK PINK challenge for this week.
I donned my pink PJ's ( yes suitable attire for Sunday best ! ) and had thoughts of girlie girls and dainty things all sparkling and shimmering.

My little canvas was the first to evolve.I stamped into texture paste( making memories foamies ),then painted it with several shades of twinkling H2o's.Ive then highlighted with Champagne metalic folk art paints and stamped french script in blazing red stazon for her background.Ive stamped the image (cherry pie I think ) onto tissue paper.Attached beaded trim with golden heavy gel medium.It looks quite different when hanging.

The second is a decoration that has a clip and chain to hang on. I think both of these are reflecting a number of things that I'm thinking about ATM.
Ive been very inspired to join in with the VALENTINE ART that the lovely ART TEA LIFE has everyone jumping about of late.An idea that has gone out like a lovely shock wave. The cause and effect will hopefully inspire you too.
The idea that if you leave a message in my comments your name will go into the hat to have one of these pink pieces.I will draw 2 names on Wednesday night, so hopefully I will get it to you for Valentines.
So go on, leave a comment or just your name and give some thought how you too might share some Valentine Art with others.You might send a RAK or maybe gather some valentine inspired art goodies and send to someone you've just met.Spread the ART LOVE.
Don't forget to tell me where I can sign up for some shared art too.
( I wanna win some eye candy ) 'VBG'
Have a great week !