Saturday, March 31, 2007

Colour me this ..........

Wednesday Stamper theme this week is COLOURED, so what is my choice ????

This is a bookmark I whipped up for miss 10 ( it worked wonders for a few days for a girl that would rather be doing other things than reading )

Done using chalks which I really enjoy as I find these very easy to use, come in a beautiful range of colours and I relax while working the colours.

So stamp in Versamark, then apply chalks with a pom pom ball held by an alligator clip . I like to finnish with a light layer of shimmer dust, then spray with a sealer. My choice, hairspray.

So many wonderful products to choose from. It could be paints, alcohol inks, H2o,chalks,crayons......So many wonderful toys to play with but I would like to share a few things that I made using Adirondak and Stazon inks on stampboard.

I'm thrilled to say that these are all featured in the wonderful AUZZ ART ZINE which comes out shortly.It features wonderful Australian and New Zealand talent.
Our very own Natalie Briney and Jenny Crozza also have some AMAZING artwork there, so please go and order a copy of this excellent magazine.

Support local talent I say.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Thankyou to all you gals that have asked about my new banner.Thanks to my bright and beautiful BANNER BOY , my blog page has a cool and funky feel.
It's SUPER ,I love it ,thankyou A.
Natalie B also has a new banner done by master 15, and judging by her last post she loves it.Thanks Natty.It look fab.

BANNER BOY will have a website very soon displaying his graphic designs , so if your interested in having him do a personalised banner with your artwork, please email me for details

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ive been playing..........

Ive been playing the last few days and really enjoying myself.Its been dabble here and there and Ive made a mighty mess ( yep touch that and the whole lot will topple) but gee Ive enjoyed myself.

Finished these for a ATC swap with a theme of backgrounds.Its texture paste through sequin waste, painted with metalic paints.Fabric stamped in stazeon,then painted with H20's.Finished off with doodles with a black sharpie.

Simple, but fun.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Eyes open

This weeks theme for Wednesday Stamper is 'The EYES have it' so thoughtI would share a puzzle piece to help raise funds and awareness for breast cancer.The lovely girls from Scrapbook Designs are hosting a super competition, so click on their name and checkout how to enter.
Part proceeds go to the Cancer Foundation in support to pink ribbon day, 27th October,2007.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Blog Offerings

Not much going on art wise for me just now.Finishing a few swaps and planning for others.My mind has been racing with ideas for a charm swap, Gothic pages, and a few ideas for altering goodies I have been gathering.
( OH yes, how I LOVE to gather)
So much cool stuff to play with and not enough hours in the day.
so my blog offering is a card for a cool gal pal.
must be off to get my beauty sleep....
I think sleeping is my second favourite thing to do.
Hmm..... what could be the first............?
Oh and EV has a blog. Check it out
Congrats Ev.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Beautiful bloggers share......

How thrilled I was to receive a very full parcel from a wonderful blopgger pal SAMMY.How spoilt I am with all the goodies she shared with me ( thank you Sammy)

and to have my very own little pickle.

Isn't Pickle just the cutest !

How thrilled I am to be godmother to pickle babies.The felting and beading are just fantastic.
Wonderful Stuff Sammy.You are so skilled.

Amongst my goodies was a wonderful felt piece all embellished and burnt.A super tag book just asking to be played in.Some chipboard coaster.You blew me away with your generousity Sammy.Thankyou

some fantastic photographs that Sammy's dad collected of circus trailer's, dating back to 1903.

Nobody witnessess the circus travelling down the main street of town now do they.Such wonderful detail in the carriages.I'm thrilled that Sammy would share these wonderful photos, so thank you so much .FANTASTIC pics.
Your father sounds like a wonderful man .You must miss him terribly.His legacy lives on and many love him .
You must be so proud Sammy.

ILKA, another wonderful blogger pal also sent me a super parcel of goodies.
I love her style of card art.Very inspiring.Ilka also included two super ATC's AND some YUMMY GUMMY BEARS.My cherubs are busting to open those.It's keeping the rooms tidy for just a little longer.I'm savouring the gorgeous packet,all written in German.What a fabo girl you are and your sence of humour tickles me.
Thanks Ilka for sharing.

Gail from Rivers living blogspot sent me these wonderful ATC's.The black ,white and red is a silkscreen print from a printing factory just near her from the 80's, and the bird is from a man's vintage shirt.

These are fab Gail.

Isnt swapping ART just AWSOME !
Thankyou blogger buds. Your AMAZING

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pure innocence of white

This weeks theme for Wednesday Stamper is WHITE.
This ATC was a swap I did in January, so new stuff for me.This 42 degree heat just sucks the art right out of me.For the background Ive stamped into texture paste, adding fine glass beads for added texture,highlighted with gold and Jo Sonya's Opal Dust.Added glass beads around the border. FUN.
Yes miss innocent is me, taken on board the Australis in 1972.I'm dressed for a fancy dress party,high hopes from my parents to become Miss Australia 1989.

Yep, still got the butter wouldn't melt thing happening. HA !

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A week in Paris

Bonjour fellow bloggers.

A bit of playtime for Wednesday Stamper the theme of course is PARIS.

Thought I would share the next part of my travels which was Paris.After finding our hotel and dumping our bags, with my hubbies persuasion,we then walked the streets( Oh no that thought did not cheer me) I was tired, hungry and very travel weary.
Thank goodness we did as we saw a park filled with families, enjoying the grass and the trees, the fresh air.The building were AMAZING.I dragged my heels just looking at doorways.We went down an alley and dinned in the loveliest restaurant.The food was wonderful and we entertained a local while we ate.He seemed to enjoy our first taste of french food as much as we did.

I truly did not know I had arrived till I stood in front of the Arc De Triomph.That feeling I had been waiting for settled over me and I knew I was in Paris.Yes we climbed the many many steps to the top (my goodness there are a lot) and the view is superb. Just on twilight we saw the day turn to night and the streets came to life.

How fantastic for the Eiffel Tower to sparkle like diamonds just for us.

My first night in Paris was all I had hoped it would be.
A booked tour saw us boarding a bus to give us a glimpse of the cities main sites.All three children managed to sleep through that.Money well spent.Then off to sail down the Seine.How magic to see many an artist sat sketching, painting ,drawing.
The buildings, OHHH, I was so loving the architecture.10 foot doorways with carved archway' s and windows.I soaked up as much as I could.

Then off to lunch at the Eiffel Tower.What can I say but AMAZING.Beautiful restaurant with an
amazing view.After sending my ma and pa a postcard from the post office on the 1st floor( it gets stamped EIFFEL TOWER, cool), we carried on up to the second floor.High enough for the brave man in my life so that is where we stayed and enjoyed the sites for the afternoon.

We used the trains and saw as much as we could.How special to catch the evening service at Notre Dame.The atmosphere was superb, the singing was moving.Such a special place that had us visiting another day.

The surrounding streets were quaint with fantastic restaurants.It was so hard to choose where to eat.We sampled french pasteries ( delightful) and had the most wonderful melt in your mouth croisants, so fluffy.We all still remember the taste of a fresh baquette that to top it with anything would have spoilt it.

Just delicious.

Oh and the Louvre, don't go on a Tuesday as its closed for cleaning.Well it just means we have something for next time.

Thanks so much for sharing a small part of the journey.