Monday, July 05, 2010

Its about time ...

Well its been so much has happened  in my will begin where my heart belongs right now. This little girl was found with her brother under a haystack. We have hand reared her and I just love and adore her so very much.
Baby/Tiny has kept my life afloat this last year...the one that has helped me deal with my darling fathers passing. To write this feels so strange and it still doesn't seem's been a year, though still feels like yesterday and I hate that my beautiful mum is now without her best friend.

So this is not quite the blog post that a few dear friends were hoping for...but this was the post that has been the hardest to share. So thankyou dear friends for the loving push to re-join the blogging world.

Hugs to you all


Jen said...

Thanks for sharing Dawn. I can only imagine how hard it must have been. What a beautiful cat as well xox

Julie H said...

I love the little paws together in front, and this is a perfect "return" post. Love you lots Dawnie!

lisa_crofts said...

xoxoxoxo see you wednesday

Jen Crossley said...

It has been a hard road for you Dawnie last year.It must be so hard for your mum ,but Im so glad she has a loving daughter like you to be there for her.Your Dear Dad would be very proud of you Dawnie
I love your darling pussy how beautiful and a great comfort to you.
Glad to have spent some time with you this year.
We all have missed your blog b

Unknown said...

Gorgeous little heart healer there Dawnie.... welcome back to the land of blogging, we missed you.

Eventually you will be able to think about your dad without the pain of loss intruding and remember the fun times... my dad passed away 10 years ago this year, still miss him... it does get easier.. never all better, but easier

Natalie B said...

xx Dawnie

Lucy said...

Love & Hugs Dear Dawnie.
Beautiful post.
Welcome back to blogging.
Love Lucy

Gretz said...

OMG what a beautiful pussycat, how on earth could an animal like this end up in an animal shelter???

Eliza said...

Great to have you back in the blogging land and time will heal and what a beautiful little one you have to cuddle, just beautiful.

Patti G. said...

Dear Dawnie,
I was soooooo happy to see a message and a little step back into blogging for you! I am soooooooooo sorry for your loss, and your Mom's! We are here with your Dawn,friends that know the hurt of loss and are we are all willing to lift up your heart and give it a squeeze, and even shed a tear with you!!!!!
Your sweet little kitty is most adorable and I can why she has stolen your love and helped you heal! Awwwwwww!
Soft hugs to you,
always here to listen---

Genevieve said...

Love and hugs Dawn, as Bevlea said in her post..thinking of your dad will get easier and memories will bring a warm smile rather than tears. Welcome back.

Lucy said...

Dear Dawnie,
Beautiful post. I know you will be a tower of strength for your Mum. My darling Dad died 30 years ago & not a day goes by that I don't think of him, miss him and also remember the wonderful Dad that he was.
Pussy looks so serene, what a darling.
Hugs & Love Lucy

Samantha Marshall said...

Lovely to read your post.♥♥♥

Glenda said...

Hi Dawnie, welcome back to the world of Blogging, I will look forward to your posts again. What a cute cat...
Its always hard when a parent goes, but always remember him with respect and affection. Keep on helping your Mum through it, by remembering together special times and the not so special ones too. I wish I had blog-world friends when my Dad died suddenly Hugs Glenda xxx

kelsey said...

Dawnie, you're gonna make me cry all over again! You're such a special girl and your Mum is so lucky to have you to support her. But who supports the supporter? Lean on your friends and know that we are there, and we care. Can I say I love your pussy too??? lol

Deb L. said...

It's good to see you posting again... I know how difficult your Dad's passing is. I hope you find some joy in creating again -Deb

Dot said...

Hi Dawnie
I didn't know you were back blogging again and I am so pleased that you are. Your new kitty is gorgeous and am sure brings you much joy.
I know you must miss your dad every day and your mum too. And there are no words to comfort you when you lose someone so dear. The pain will get easier to bear in time. When I lost my dad 12 years ago I thought my heart would break but in time my heart has healed and I can think of him without pain.
I hope it is like that for you too.
Much love
Dotee xx

Jacky said...

Oh Dawnie your little girl is so gorgeous....our kitties can be such a comfort cant they?

Jacky xox